Decorative Concrete

decorative concrete flooring seattle washingtonConcrete overlays (microtoppings) are products that are used to resurface existing concrete. The process can transform the appearance of decorative concrete to look like a freshly poured slab or can be enhanced to resemble a variety of natural stone finishes such as tile, flagstone and brick while strengthening the basic product.

Benefits of the CTi System

We prefer using the CTi System as it provides tough, durable coatings for driveways, pool decks, walkways, balconies, spa areas, and even vertical concrete walls. It is the perfect protection against common concrete enemies like freezing and thawing, fading, salt and alkalis, stains and heat….and is easy to maintain. Best of all, the CTi product comes with a full 10-year warranty. Beautiful, yet tough, the CTi System can give your Seattle home a look that is as limitless as your imagination.

CTi also offers a full line of urethane, epoxy and industrial grade floor finishes.

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