Concrete Protection

We are proud to represent the Aquron line of products designed to protect concrete. The Aquron 2000 Series is a concrete preservation and moisture-proofing solution. It works equally well with newly poured concrete and existing concrete surfaces. Aquron 2000 waterproofs, strengthens and protects concrete by producing a hydrogel that fills porosity up to 150mm below the surface.

Benefits of the Aquron 2000 Series

  • Functional. Prevents damage from moisture seepage.
  • Impermeable. Prevents entry of corrosives and resists freeze/thaw damage.
  • Versatile. Effective on both new installations and aged surfaces.
  • Attractive. Enhances bonding quality of surface to allow decorative coatings.
  • Environmentally safe. Odorless, clear sealer that is non-toxic.
  • Cost efficient

Other Aquron Products

Aquron 7000 is used to protect concrete that is exposed to seawater and coastal spray. It is extremely useful on concrete docks and piers…restoring, strengthening and protecting the concrete.

Aquron 1200 is used to waterproof masonry walls including brick, slate and natural stone.

Aquron Environmental Pave-Set is used on concrete that is exposed to high vehicular traffic…even airport runways.

For more information, please read the article about us in Northwest Living Magazine.

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