Sustainable, Renewable & Durable

Building Green doesn’t have to mean spending green to get the look you want! Northwest Concrete offers environmentally responsible, cost-efficient alternatives to traditional concrete stain and sealer products for your residential or commercial spaces.

Sustainable stains are non-chemical, non-reactive stains that are absorbed by the concrete and are designed to yield an almost identical look to traditional acid stains. These sustainable products are made with various bio-based ingredients and produce a variegated, mottled patina that is beautiful on any floor.

Sustainable sealers are water-based instead of solvent-based and meet VOC requirements. They are durable and come in various levels of sheen to accommodate the final look for your project.

There are many new and innovative sustainable products that will not only save time and cost on projects, but can also help green builders meet Green Building LEED criteria.

Hardening & Sealing Your Concrete

Although concrete is a strong building material, it is still subject to wear and tear. The application of a chemical densifier hardens and strengthens the concrete mass from within and protects against deterioration from moisture and other foreign matter. Adding a sealer will water-proof the surface and eliminate dusting, yellowing, scratching and peeling. Apart from protecting the concrete, sealers also reduce health risks from the growth of algae which could cause people to slip on the surface.

  • Hardens the concrete from within
  • Chemically combines with concrete salts locking them permanently within the concrete
  • Waterproofs the concrete surface
  • Protects against surface scratching and peeling
  • Prevents discoloration and traffic wear marks

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